January 2, 2019

Can you imagine cooking something out of leftovers you would otherwise throw away? I am talking about all the peels – garlic, onion, carrots, beetroot, pumpkin …

Today I will show you just how simple it is! Welcome to Vegetable soup stock 101.

(PS.: Once you have the soup stock made - check out this recipe how to make a vegetables noodle soup with it.)

Which vegetables can I use? 
I suggest peels from onion, garlic + all the roots and tubers. I suggest also some herbs. Peels from fruit fit nicely to the mix too! (Make sure to wash the vegetables.)

How do I prepare it?
You can follow any of 3 ways.

1. Put vegetable peels in a pot, cover with water, add bay leaf and cook for a good hour. 
2. For more flavor however you can roast the peels in a pot with some oil. After 10 minutes of roasting – cover them with water, add bay leaf and cook for a good hour.
3. To get even stronger flavour there is also a third option. Put all the veggies on the baking tray, drizzle with some oil and bake in the oven until the peels start getting slightly black. Then put vegetable peels in a pot, cover with water, add bay leaf and cook for a good hour.

What to do when it is done cooking?
Strain the peels and throw them to a compost. You are now left with nice vegetable soup stock that is ready to be used in many ways!

What do I add to it to make it more flavorful?
So it really depends what mix of peels you cooked and what will you want to do with the stock later. First thing I suggest adding is salt.

But the other ingredients you can add are limitless – soy sauce, honey, miso paste, spices&herbs, vinegar, …

How do I use vegetable soup stock?
It can be you base for clear noodle soup. You can make risotto, gravy, pasta sauces with it. Basically sky is the limit!

So let’s do the steps again:

1. Collect the peels from various vegetables, fruits, herbs, …

2. Select one of three ways to deal with them. All of them eventually leading to cooking the peels for a good hour.

3. Strain. Add different ingredients to it to make it more flavorful.

4. Use. Nom nom. (Or freeze!)

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