March 18, 2019

I love sarme. But truth to be told I never made them because I thought they are super hard to make (I mean everything that you have to roll or be too precise usually fails with me). Until one day my grandma put a big head of home-fermented sauerkraut in my hands and said: “Here, make some sarme today!

M’kay grandma, thanks for trust.

My mom showed me how to roll them and now I am self proclaimed queen of sarme. Vegan sarme that is!

Traditionally they are made with meat and rice. I used lentils.

But not only that. The idea of this recipe was to MAKE THEM AS SIMPLE AS POSSIBLE. So a college student sees this recipe and goes: I can do that!

(Yes college student, yes you can!)

So 5 ingredients only + spices. Easy freaking peasy.

Oh, and the funny thing is I went to the store in the morning and though to myself: probably I will get some rolling eyes for preparing sarme in March (usually we eat them in winter or more precisely on 1st of January). But it started snowing an hour later.

So did snow call sarme or did sarme call the snow? We will never know.


2 cups 400 g
1+1/2 cup 300 g
brown dry lentils
spices (pepper, turmeric, paprika, cumin, bay leaf, thyme)
4 tsp
6+3/4 cup 1,7 l
big sauerkraut leafs
4 cups 1 l
tomato sauce*
1+1/4 cup 3 dl


  • 1. 

    Let's cook the filling!

    Start cooking rice and lentils with salt and spices of your choice. Add water gradually over approximately 30 minutes of cooking. Stir occasionally. At the end lentils and rice should be cooked but not over-cooked. Let cool down for 15 minutes.

  • 2. 

    Time to get handy

    Roll sarme. You can see how to do it step by step if you just scroll down a bit.

  • 3. 

    Tomato sauce bath

    Place sarme tightly together in a big pot. Add tomato sauce and water and cook covered with a lid for 40 minutes.

  • 4. 


    Eat just as they are or with bread. Pa dober tek!

wise-ass corner

* If you are using tomato sauce without added spices - add some salt and spices.

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