January 7, 2019

I actually did’t know exactly what močnik is until I met Klemen. And one time his mom prepared it for us - it was so good!

Traditionally it is a really simple dish, something they used to eat when there was not a great abundance as now. Originally it is prepared only with flour, eggs, milk, water and salt.

Traditional Slovenian porridge with vegan ingredients

So logically next step was to veganize it and Klemen took charge of that. And I am happy he did :) Because this porridge is delicious and really versatile - you can eat it sweet or savory!

Have fun preparing it and let me know if it worked well.

it would be great if you have

Tiny dough rolls

350 g
1 dl
plant-based milk
1 tsp
coconut oil or vegan butter
1 pinch


1 l
plant-based milk
1 pinch

For that extra crunch

2 tbsp
coconut oil or vegan butter
10 %
tiny dough rolls

roll up your sleeves

  • 1. 

    Form tiny dough rolls

    Add flour to a bowl. In the middle of it pour 1dl of plant-based milk and coconut oil (it is best if it is warm, so it can liquify).

    Now take a fork and start stirring, so that the mixture transform in tiny dough rolls. Try to make each one of those rolls unique and special :)

    Expect that some of the flour will left unused at the bottom of the bowl. This helped us that the rolls didn’t turn into a big ball of dough.

    Set rolls aside for 10 minutes so they won’t fall apart later while cooking.

  • 2. 


    Take a saucepan and pour in milk and a pinch of salt. Place it on heat until boiling.

  • 3. 

    Separate rolls from the excess flour

    Use the big sieve that will help you to separate rolls from the remaining of the flour. If possible save this flour for later *.

  • 4. 

    Place the rolls in boiling milk

    Now that the milk in the pot is boiling, you can put in about 90% of the rolls. If will take about 5 minutes for the rolls to cook. Stir occasionally …

  • 5. 

    For the extra crunch

    In the mean time, take a pan and put it on medium heat. Melt the 2 tablespoons of coconut oil in it. And then put in remaining 10% of the rolls. Stir for a minute and then add sugar and cinnamon (optional). Take another minute, so that the rolls get nicely caramelized.

    Now put it in the pot with already cooked porridge and leave it on low heat for 2min.

  • 6. 


    Now močnik is ready to serve. Prepare 4 porridge bowls and pour it in. That’s about it.

wise-ass corner

*You can use it to make some great pancakes for example.

Once the močnik is ready it’s up to your imagination to choose whichever topping you like - cinnamon, sugar, jam.

Savory močnik is also a thing. And a very delicious one too!

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Traditional Slovenian porridge with vegan ingredients
Traditional Slovenian porridge with vegan ingredients and spiced with sweet cinnamon
Traditional Slovenian porridge with vegan ingredients and added cinnamon

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