December 13, 2018

My childhood memories of holiday season are so strongly connected with food it’s crazy! And one of the things that we ate quite a lot (and that I was obsessed about, I am not exaggerating) was steak tartare.

I was so happy when my dad came home with toasts, butter and steak tartare. Then we would grill our toasts in a small toaster and spread butter and steak tartare on them while they were still warm.

And it is very common in Slovenia for families to enjoy this snack in holidays time. But since I haven’t eat meat for a long time I found a replacement. It blew my mind. And without a doubt I would say this steakless steak tartare is a must on this years holiday table! 


200 g
cooked brown lentils
140 g
drained sundried tomatoes
small onion
cloves of garlic
1 tbsp
1 tsp
smoked paprika
2 tsp
2-4 tbsp
oil (can be the one that sundried tomatoes were soaked in)
5 roasted
salt, cumin, pepper
Halapenos add such great spiciness!


  • 1. 

    Well my darlings. You simply blend all the ingredients in a food processor and that is it.

  • 2. 

    I recommend serving it on buttered toast with people you love. And glass of wine. Cheers!

wise-ass corner

This recipe is a perfect opportunity for you to play with amounts of ingredients and create flavor that you love. For example if you don’t like sourness that much – add less pickles.

I got some feedback that beans worked well instead of lentils too! (But lentils still give you the best texture.) And that instead of walnuts roasted almonds work out amaaaziiingg. 

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