October 20, 2017

A few days ago my mom said I should really rethink my writing on the blog. She said I have really bad sentence formulations, not to mention grammar mistakes. Uf 😀 

So I knew the lecturer of my Master’s thesis (who also happens to be Klemen’s sister) had to do some pretty hard work while correcting it. 

“How to thank her?”, I though when I clearly knew that my commas and word order got stuck somewhere in 4th grade. Since she gets quite similarly excited about food as I do, I decided to pay her in that 🙂 

Besides few cheeses and cookies from Sicily I wanted to prepare canolli also. 


But how? Where to start? How do you even make canolli? 

**So I took it step by step. **

  1. How will I make the rolls? I read on the internet that you need metal cylinders to keep the form of the dough. And the dough needs to be fried not baked. It already sounded as too much work but I actually wanted to do it. Until a bird (in form of an experienced baker) whispered that I can buy the rolls for cheap in a local store. She said it will save me a lot of time and nerves. 
  2. I went to the store and came out of it with 2,5 kg of cute tiny canolli rolls. They cost me around 25 eur but the quantity was enormous. Since they last for a long time, you can have them on stand by and use them on all the birthdays and other celebrations. 
  3. The cream? I read that the original canolli cream is made only with mix of ricotta and powdered sugar. Some American recipes had also other ingredients such as cinnamon and chocolate. That seemed wrong and I stayed closer to the first recipe. At the end I did it like this.
  4. I used 1500 g of ricotta, 2 dl of whipped cream and around 90 g of powdered sugar. To add the cherry on the top I added some almond aroma I bough a long time ago and it worked perfectly. 
  5. I filled the rolls with cream just before eating them and rolled the ends in roasted almonds and chocolate. 


And not only the lecturer got them. I also served them to rafting team and their supporters, that got back from the world championship in Japan. Well, I ate a few also. We were all really happy about them and the taste was almost the same as the taste of canolli in Sicily.

Delicious healthy banana bread

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