November 10, 2018

Even though I don’t use seitan much in my cooking I like how it substitutes meat in this recipe. But even if you decide to go without it – the amount of onion will give this seitan goulash that real nice flavour. 

And make sure to take time with this dish so all the flavors will happily dance together 🙂 That’s also the reason it serves so many people. But you can easily freeze the leftovers for later. 


4 tablespoons
1,2 kg
bay leaves
4 teaspoons
smoked paprika
3 teaspoons
3 teaspoons
2 teaspoons
0,5 l
red wine
0,5 kg
2 heads
1 kg
2 kg
0,5 l
tomato sauce


  • 1. 

    Peel and finely chop the onions. Start sautéing them in a big pot with oil. Add also all the spices and 1 tablespoon of salt. This will take around an hour and a half. But don’t worry, you can prepare all the rest meanwhile. Make sure that you stir them from time to time. And when they will begin to stick to the pot start adding a bit of wine to it, wait for it to evaporate and repeat the process until the wine is gone.

  • 2. 

    Meanwhile chop the carrots to small cubes and peel the garlic and finely chop it. Cut seitan to small cubes. Set everything aside.

  • 3. 

    Peel the potatoes and cut them to cubes. Cook them in salted water for 15-20 minutes.

  • 4. 

    When the onions have been cooking for about an hour add carrots, garlic and seitan and let it cook together for 20-30 minutes more.

  • 5. 

    For the last step add cooked potatoes, tomato sauce and a bit of water in which potatoes have been cooking. The decision on amount of water is yours – depends how thick you want your goulash to be.

  • 6. 

    Let it cook for 20 minutes on low heat. Then give it a final taste and add some spices and salt if necessary. Serve with fresh bread.

wise-ass corner

Half the recipe if you don’t need this big amount. 

I think you could also substitute seitan with tofu. Or even better – tempeh. 

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Seitan goulash with potatoes, carrots and lots of onion
Seitan goulash with potatoes, carrots and lots of onion
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