April 5, 2017

Protein balls are perfect for times when sugar levels get low or as a simple to-go snack. So you stay away from all the unhealthy chocolate bars. You can make a big batch of them and freeze them. Today I decided to share vegan ones with you but if you have whey proteins you can of course use them as a substitute  for the vegan ones.

For around 16 balls; Very simple; Time of preparation 15 min


100 g sunflower seeds
3 tablespoons of coconut oil ; melted
100 g dried plums
1 tablespoon of tahini
2 tablespoons of cocoa (and some extra – to roll the balls in it)
2-4 tablespoons of water
70 g proteins (I used peas proteins with peanut butter flavour)

  1. Blend sunflower seeds in a food processor (it will take around 1 minute). Add coconut oil, dried plums and tahini and blend for a minute or two more until the plums are really blended. Add cocoa, water and proteins. Mix well. The mixture must be sticky – so you can from balls out of it.
  2. Roll balls as big as you’d like and roll them in cocoa then freeze them or store in an air-tight container.

Wise-ass corner

If you want to make them even better mix in the mixture some chopped dark chocolate or cocoa nibs.

Delicious healthy banana bread

Baby, this one is a keeper

On my mission to reduce food waste, I used some over-ripped bananas that were laying around and made this scrumptious & good for ya belly Banana Bread