September 4, 2017

I really have a feeling (maybe it’s a wrong feeling) that they aren’t on our menus as much as they could be? Which is a pitty since they become a super healthy and quick meal once you learn how to make them. 

There are only two competitors when it comes to my breakfast – smoothie bowls and porridge. And when porridge win, I do them like this. 

Some grains you need to cook some just leave over nights. And you can experiment with flavours as much as you want. 

**For the base you can use: **oats, millet porridge, buckwheat porridge, quinoa,…  

You can cook oats as I did in this post or leave them to over night with some plant based milk. 

If you have millet or buckwheat porridge you can decide if you want to cook it in water or milk. Last summer I made a millet porridge with banana that you can check out. Sometimes I cook those two porridge in water in bigger quantities and store in fridge. So I can just pour some almond milk over it in the morning, add some fruit and breakfast is ready.

My favourite part are toppings. For toppings you can literally use anything you want: _fresh fruit, dried fruit, nuts, seeds, coconut, vanilla extract, tahini, nut butters, cinnamon, grated ginger, grated turmeric, plant based milks, carrots, honey… _

When it comes to toppings I always think with the following logic. I want carbs and fats in my porridge – and some protein sorce if it’s possible. So if I make oatmeal porridge with water I make sure to add some nuts or some other good fats source. That type of meal will keep you full for much longer and you will get lots of fibers and good stuff in you. Just make sure not to add to much sweet things in your porridge. 

For a to-go version I always pack my porridge in a mason jar. 

Got any question? Write it below 🙂

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