April 23, 2018

Ok, I promise this is the last post with wild garlic for this season. But I have made this dip at least for times and we always finish it in max 2 days. Creamy, made out of simple ingredient. And you can also dip anything you like in it – from bread, tortilla chips, veggies, …

For 1 bowl; Very simple; 7 minutes


200 g peanuts (roasted and salted) OR 200 g peanut butter
1,2-1,5 dl water
200 g wild garlic; chopped
1 teaspoon of salt
1 teaspooon of paprika


  1. If you are making it out of peanuts blend them in a small food processor until they become peanut butter.
  2. Add gradually water and wild garlic. Add also salt, paprika and if you want – chilli.
  3. Taste and serve.

Wise-ass corner

The dip goes with everything – bread, tortillas, chips, salad. 

Store it in a glass jar in the fridge and it should last for at least a week.  

Delicious healthy banana bread

Baby, this one is a keeper

On my mission to reduce food waste, I used some over-ripped bananas that were laying around and made this scrumptious & good for ya belly Banana Bread