September 8, 2018

Do you remember two recipes I created with Slovenian brand of tofu I like tofuMini lemon and ginger cheesecakes and carrot-tofu parathas . They were both super delicious and I decided to create something a bit different today. Creamy veggies&tofu stir-fry.

It is super easy to make but you will need some specific ingredients if you want that true asian flavor.


180 g
rice noodles
dried shiitake mushrooms
medium size onion
smaller carrot
big red bell pepper (or 2 smaller ones)
4 cloves
200 g
tofu (I used smoked tofu from I like tofu brand)
2 tbsp
2 tbsp
massaman curry paste
3 tbsp
thin soy sauce
250 ml
coconut milk
holy basil leaves
water (optional)
sesame oil for topping (optional)
fresh chili (optional)


  • 1. 

    First soak shiitake in very hot water. Also soak noodles in very warm water. Start preparing all your veggies and tofu – you need everything prepared before cooking.

  • 2. 

    Cut carrots and bell peppers to sticks, slice the onion and garlic, cube the tofu. If you will use chili slice it also. At the end of your prep drain shiitake and slice them also.

  • 3. 

    For cooking I recommend using a large wok or pan. Heat it to the maximum possible, add oil and add tofu. Sitir fry it for two minutes or so, until it is golden brown and put it in a bowl and set aside.

  • 4. 

    Put your wok/pan back to the heat and add massaman paste, mix it quickly and add veggies. Stir-fry them only for a minute (they will continue cooking with noodles) then add noodles. Whit a help of a spatula constantly mix and flip your noodles. Add coconut milk, tofu and if needed water (water will be needed if your noodles haven’t been soaked long enough. You might need from 1 to 2 dl). Stir and flip constantly until you see that you noodles are nicely cooked and everything is incorporated nicely. Add holy basil, stir one last time and serve. I really recommend sprinkle of sesame oil – the flavor is just heavenly.

wise-ass corner

Once you start cooking everything will happen fast so make sure you have all the ingredients prepared before hand.

You can also add some other veggies such as spring onion, baby corn, …

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