May 8, 2018

The hardest part of this recipe are those 5 hours when you wait for the mixture to freeze. The rest – easy peasy and delicious.

For 16 bars; Simple; 15 min for preparation + 5 hours for freezing + 15 min for chocolate


For the bottom layer

80 g oats
100 g sunflower seeds; roasted
2 pinches of salt
6-8 tablespoons of coconut oil; melted
1 teaspoon of vanilla extract

For the middle filling

8 bananas; ripe ones
4 spoonfuls of ground flax seeds
8 dates; chopped

For the chocolate

400 g dark or cooking chocolate


  1. Prepare yourself a platter (20×25 cm). Place parchment paper on it.
  2. Blend oats and sunflower seeds in smaller food processor. Add other ingredients for the bottom layer until you get a bit sticky mixture. Place it on the platter and distribute it equally. Press it down with a glass with straight bottom.
  3. Blend all the ingredients for the middle filling with a hand blender. Pour the mixture over the first layer and distribute evenly. Hit the platter few times on the table (so there will be no bubbles). Place it in the freezer for about 5 hours.
  4. For the chocolate melt the chocolate on the steam bath. Take the platter from the freezer and cut the mixture to 16 sticks. Dip them one by one in melted chocolate and place them in a box.
  5. You can eat them right away – it will be like icecream. You can leave them out for 20 minutes so they become a bit more soft.
  6. Keep them in the freezer for longer storage. You can have them on stand by in the fridge. DON’T store them on the room temperature because the only thing that will be left of them will be banana puddles!

Wise-ass corner

Cinnamon and nutmeg go well in the middle filling too.

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