January 6, 2019

You know what I don’t like, right? Throwing food away. So with this bread pudding with apples I wanted to show you one of MANY ways how to use old bread, brioche or other baked goods.

Furthermore I noticed a lot of people have lots of apples on their hand and don’t know what to do with them. Got you covered with this one too baby!

Enjoy this easy cooking process and happy Sunday :)

P.S: Another good idea for using old bread are this delicious vegan French toasts.


For the base

300 g
old, dry bread
2 dl
plant-based milk
1/2 tsp
2 tsp
4 tbsp
honey or maple syrup for vegan version

For the topping

70 g
brown sugar
1 tbsp
2 tsp
vanilla ice-cream


  • 1. 

    Prepare the apple sauce

    Put 2 chopped apples in a saucepan and simmer covered for 5-7 minutes, so it starts releasing liquid. When they are all soft and mushy transfer them to blender and add milk, cinnamon, nutmeg and honey/maple syrup. Blend well.

  • 2. 

    Assembling the bread pudding

    Pull apart bread to smaller pieces and mix it well with the apple sauce. Add salt if needed (depends on how salty your bread is). Put everything in a smaller baking tray.

  • 3. 

    Preparing the apples for topping

    Cut apples to very small pieces (you can peel them if you want) and sautee in a pan for few minutes until they start releasing liquid. Add sugar, cinnamon and starch. A pinch of salt won’t do them no harm. Top the bread mixture with apples.

  • 4. 


    Bake on 180Cº for 20-30 minutes. It really depends on type of bread you used. The apples on top should be nicely caramelized.

  • 5. 

    Let's eat!

    Serve bread pudding with some vanilla ice-cream. Hohoho

wise-ass corner

Up is the very basic recipe for bread pudding. Please feel free to boost the flavors with walnuts, expresso, other spices …

ALSO! If you have old potica, brioche - use it instead of bread, it will be even better.

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Bread pudding with sauteed apples, lots of cinnamon and vanilla ice-cream.
Bread pudding with sauteed apples, lots of cinnamon and vanilla ice-cream.
Bread pudding with sauteed apples, lots of cinnamon and vanilla ice-cream.

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