June 22, 2017

This iced coffee is probably the first recipe on this blog that is not my work. The author is my boyfriend Klemen. Klemen likes food in abundance, just like me. So when we decided to make an ice coffee the project has begun. Because we won’t just make an iced coffee we are going to make THE iced coffee. With homemade caramel and cookies and… It was gone 1 2 3. But soon a new vegan and sugar-free version is coming 🙂 You can follow me on Facebook to see when this is happening.

For 2 iced coffees; Very simple; 20 min


For the caramel

Sugar and cream in 1:1 ratio (measure it in cups not grams)
You can make more of it and store it for later.

3 dl of coffee; chilled
5 dl milk
400 g ice-cream
200 ml whipping cream; whipped
4 chocolate chip cookies

  1. Take a pot and heat the sugar until it caramelises (melts). When it start to smoke from the caramel add the cream slowly and stir.
  2. Stir for so long that you get a caramel without lumps.
  3. Take two mason jars and pour in the equally the coffee, ice, rum and milk. Add the ice-cream, whipped cream on top of it and pour loads of caramel on top. Decorate with cookies and if you want sprinkle with some cocoa.

Wise-ass corner

Klemen used a hazelnut and vanilla ice-cream.

I listed the ingredients in rough measurements. Add/lower some so you make a perfect iced-coffee to your liking.

Delicious healthy banana bread

Baby, this one is a keeper

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