January 10, 2019

What is going on?

Why on earth did I decide to bake gluten-free bread? I mean, I never really cared about gluten. If it was in a wholesome ingredient such as spelt I definitely didn’t.

Well the decision is actually a puzzle in the whole process I am a part of right now. Let me tell you more.


I ate mostly healthy in past months. Mostly plant-based, sometimes cheese found its way in my life but not often. Big problem (ohh, problems like this are sweet) was also that working in a professional kitchen meant being sourrounded with delicious food ALL THE TIME. Yes, mostly healthy, but on daily basis there were always some cake leftovers or delicious bread waiting for me. LOOKING AT ME and saying: Klara you can’t miss this chance to eat this deliciousness.

Fast forward that also brings us to the fact that I am slightly (Slightly? Really Klara?) food obessed. It’s in my DNA, I have been like this since childhood. Food is safety. With food I express love. Food is always there, waiting to comfort you. Which became specially true in last months. I completely over-worked myself. Wake up at 5AM, gym, work for long hours (which means cooking), home. Blogging as much as I could (which means cooking again, interesting). And who was waiting for me on a Saturday evening, when I started to become less zombie and more human again? It was food! Toasts and croissants. Of course I deserve it!

Supplements who?

Besides the fact that I was struggling to find a good rhytm with food lately – I also didn’t take any supplements. I read about them, heard I should take my B12 but never really acted on that. »I drink a lot of kombucha« was my answer. But I didn’t really know any science behind it.

The nutritionist

Well and then this amazing lady came to Kucha to give staff the knowledge about basic nutritional principles. It was pretty insightful for me. She is a plant-based nutritionist and has very holistic approach, which I loved. So I decided to go to her individually too and talk a bit. About food, about what to eat and what not.

Not that anything is wrong with me but she said that I have some lack of certain vitamins. That I don’t digest fats well, that I don’t have high absorption, that some of my organs aren’t in the best shape etc. Solution?


What do I eat?

Besides the easy part that now I daily take: B12, camu camu (vitamin C), D3, probiotics and ashawaganda. I also eat sugar-free, gluten-free and oil-free diet. Sweeteners, coffee, alcohol also aren’t allowed to this party. Even dried fruits, tomatoes and some other food is out of the picture. And the plan is to keep going like this for 3 months. (Meaning Klemen will eat everything I cook for blog.)

El conclusión

So that’s why I decided to make myself some gluten-free, 100% buckwheat bread. To cope with this madness. But I love a good challenge and I can’t wait to give you the results of how I feel in few weeks!

Oh and PS.: since the whole process is holistic I decided to pace down a bit, meditate, go for walks and more gentle to myself.

PS2.: My attempt in trying to make GF sourdough bread failed and I am trying again with a new batch just as I am typing this.

Delicious healthy banana bread

Baby, this one is a keeper

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