May 12, 2019

I have traveled alone before. My first alone trip was in my last year of high school. I went to London and Dublin. Then I guess it made sense in my young wild head that next solo trip should be India. My parents didn’t agree, friends were excited but also a bit worried. I was 19 and India isn’t for unexperienced travelers. But I went and it was awesome. I did have a friend there (that I met on that first trip in London) and she made 3 weeks of my 2 months trip about 100 times better. I was able to visit villages with her, stay with her mom in Mumbai … But the rest of the trip I was on my own.

Is traveling solo better?

After that I travelled with my ex. Places like SE Asia, Iran, Turkey, Eastern Europe were opening my idea of what traveling is and how much I love it.

I lived in Cyprus, Jordan and Portugal in the meanwhile.

Last time I traveled by myself was two years ago – I visited Israel and Palestine.

And now I am here. In India with Klemen.

Is traveling solo better?

So how could I compare traveling solo or traveling in pair?

Is traveling alone better?

I bet people would say traveling alone is better because you will communicate with others more, do exactly what you want and just in general experience a different kind of freedom. Maybe even explore depths of who you are and have more time for introspection.

I agree - all of the above is true. It is a different experience. You have to think about everything. Where is the passport, wallet, keys, camera. How will I escape this dude trying to talk to me. How will I get from point A to point B. What will I do in a cold evening in my room. How will get some medicine if I get sick.

Is traveling solo better?
Is traveling solo better?

But traveling in pair is not worse at all in my opinion!

With an amazing traveling buddy (and I am lucky that both my ex and Klemen can have this title) you can have so much fun! He/she can help you with the tension you experience when travelling in wild countries. Help you plan, communicate, joke around. And the expenses of travelling are lower when traveling in pair.

So I wouldn’t be able to decide for one. I love both. I love experiencing this trip in pair right now. But I can’t wait for my next solo trip.

Is traveling solo better?
Is traveling solo better?

What about you guys? How do you like to travel? You can answer either on my Instagram or Facebook.

Sending you some fresh air from Ladakh mountains.

PS.: Photos are from our photoshoot we had in Sonamarg. We had so much fun!

Is traveling solo better?
Is traveling solo better?
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