June 4, 2019

It hit me a while ago that simplistic living is such an important part of my lifestyle but I never managed to put the idea in words. And not just my lifestyle but the whole magic I want curryandlove to be surrounded with.

But what is simplistic life? What does it include?

I have it written like this somewhere behind my ear (that’s how we say it in Slovenia). 4 categories that describe simplicity.

1) Needing less

Needing less stuff. Having those things that serve their purpose (even if their sole purpose is to make you happy). Reuse stuff you already have. Fix, borrow, up-cycle for a new use instead of buying.

2) Responsibility

Being aware that your acts contribute to a bigger picture. Recycling, reducing waste, using less resources. Researching values of brands before buying from them.

3) Frugality

Being frugal in your everyday. Money is energy - why not spend it wisely. Creating different things at home. From deodorant to pickles.

4) Gratitude

Being grateful for what you have and where you are. Not being in constant need for more. That you feel the abundance. Being ok with the fact that you will do mistakes.

I want to open a dialogue with this post. How to live simplistic but fully. I will definitely post more thoughts on my Instagram where you can share you opinion too. But I want to write even more on this topic. From clothes, travels, food …

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Have a splendid day,


PS.: All the photos in this post are from Leh, India.

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