February 26, 2020

I travel this lovely world while also being married. Did you know that? I got married to Klemen in December 2019 in his little basement apartment few days after coming back home from Guatemala. We gave each other 5 minutes to find rings. He put a cookie buckle on my finger and on his I put a rolled piece of bread paper bag. Who popped the question? I don’t know … It might even be me who suggested it.

Because when your boyfriend becomes husband … Well I don’t know what changes but maybe love ferries take care of the love even better. Or I just love the sound of “mož” or “možek” as we say husband in Slovenia. It might also be connected a bit with the way I want the world to see me since I would love everyone to know that our love is in fact as deep as an ocean and he cannot simply only be my boyfriend. He is my partner in crime and … možek.

I started this post being all cute and giggly and loving while I am actually being annoyed.

While traveling, I am often being asked if I have a boyfriend, a husband, whether I am single or not. Because of the culture’s traditional values, people are interested in the marital status of a 28 years old girl, and also feel comfortable asking about it.

I sometimes shoot as quickly as possible: MARRIED!

Either because I want to let the other person know that he needs to leave me alone or simply because I just love saying it. “Si, soy casada.”

And in this case conversation usually goes into this direction: Does he allow* you to travel alone? Is he jealous? But why not together? Do you have boyfriends when you travel?

*it makes me want to vomit, when I hear people thinking someone needs to ALLOW a woman to live her life

And sometimes I say just for fun: I am single.

In this case I have experienced the following. Either it is something like: Oh, good for you! You should be single! Single and happy. You are too beautiful to be married. Who needs a man.

Either I see they are puzzled. Why not married? Why is she alone? She is almost 30 …

What is going on? What kind of perception is the world having about marriage, love and partnership? Why is marriage considered a no-end shitty journey where you need to adjust yourself to survive it? Is the experience of people with partnership really that tough? Can’t they live their best life WHILE sharing a path with someone? Why is it good for me to be single? Why is the man supposed to dictate my life?

Let me get some tamarind juice to calm down … But I would love to hear your thoughts either on Facebook or Instagram.

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