March 30, 2020

Where to start this story… Maybe back when I was a little kid and Chinese restaurants just started to open up in Slovenia. I wanted to celebrate every birthday in that little dark place that had just opened in our little town. Something was pulling me towards different food, music, people.

How excited I was about everything that was at least a little bit foreigh, exotic. How I started to tip toe out of my territory. Straža?* Straža is too small.

*A small town in Slovenia I am from.

I have always wanted the world. And I don’t know why my parents ask me so often: “Who did you get this itch from?” if they were the one taking me to Paris as a few months old baby. And on the metro for the first time. Across the ocean. To a balkan trip. They were bringing interesting foreigners to our house. How would a kid not fall in love with the colorfulness? Soak it in with big eyes…

And I can still see that this curiosity is the fire responsible for my “itch in my butt”*.

*such a cute Slovenian expression I had to literally translate it

“What is hiding there? What type of food do they eat? How many wives do they have? What are they wearing?”

I have a feeling home is everywhere.

But you know how the past days, weeks were. Fear crawled into our lives - panic even! Corona virus locked us in houses, stopped social relations in real life, turned everything upside down. The world has stopped.

And among all this chaos I got stuck in Honduras. This little country in Central America accepted me warmly! If you want to see - how check out this vlog:

But all of a sudden I was alone. Far away from all the loved ones.

“Come home.” said my own country, husband, parents.

But I can’t go home.

So until further notice I am creating home right here. Sometimes I cook Slovenian style potatoes (tenstan krompir) and sometimes I do 101 variations of beans dishes. They really like beans here.

Yesterday I did sweet cabbage (another Slovenian dish) and tomorrow I will cook banana flower for the first time in my life. I am creating home among nothing. Home with organizing the spice and having all my clothes neatly put in a closet. Creating home with doing things that make me happy, because when you travel a lot you learn that your own calmness represents your home.

I still have a feeling that home is everywhere.

But you know what?

A few days ago a concert of SARS and Dubioza made me so hyper that I was dancing on the porch. I felt all the Balkan, that is running through me. Heart was completely full.

And there are some stupid jokes that my brother sends me sometimes. They talk about vineyards and stuff… They are so specific, in our dialect and sometimes I don’t even fully understand them. But I find them truly hilarious.

When I manage to play “God please don’t let the TV die” by Adi Smolar on the guitar.

The video calls with people in Slovenian. Everyone is showing me their gardens. Ah, Slovenia you are so pretty.

And then I know that home is everywhere. But you know…

Baby, this one is a keeper

On my mission to reduce food waste, I used some over-ripped bananas that were laying around and made this scrumptious & good for ya belly Banana Bread