April 28, 2019

Delhi offers so much street food it is crazy!

All is really flavorful and if you choose wisely you get a lot for cheap. Choosing wisely means:

  1. Picking food from stalls that are super busy;
  2. Picking food that has no ice in it or flies on it;
  3. Picking food that is cooked over fresh stuff.

Delhi food you can find on the streets


The variety of fresh fruit is amazing. Papayas, mangoes, pineapples, melons, grapes, stuff I have no idea what they are, coconuts …

Delicious fresh fruit on the streets of Delhi.
Fresh fruits in Paharganj.
Coconot stall in new Delhi.
Chopping fresh coocnut in Delhi.


No. 1 drink is chai! Or masala chai. Yes, I made a recipe for it, but here the amount of sugar just makes it so much better. I can’t lie! It is an amazing treat.

Preparing chai masala in Delhi
Masala chai in Paharganj.

The second thing are fruit juices. With all the exotic fruit I listed above + sugar cane juice, pomegranate juice etc.

Lemonade stall in Delhi
Coconut mango smoothie.

And another thing that just tastes like heaven is lassi. Lassi is like a yogurt milkshake. Mango lassi is quite famous but I think I have tried plain lassi for the first time - yogurt + water + sugar + spices. All whipped together so it is served really foamy. With cream on top. O M G. I love it because it has so much character - sweet, sour, creamy.

Lassi stall in Paharganj.

Savory (and mostly fried) deliciousness

Delhi street food offers a lot of delicious food and in a lot of cases - it is greasy!

Chole bathure

It might not look like much but listen. The bread is actually fried and I would say activated with sodium bicarbonate. Meaning it melts in your mouth. The sauce is made with spicy chickpeas - but just the right amount of spicy! Ahhhh…

Chole bathure served in Paharganj.
Dipping bathure in chole.


Small fried dough balls with a hole. Usually filled with flavored water, chutney, potato … It is a really interesting street food I have never seen elsewhere.

Panipuri in Paharganj served with potato.


This snack (guess what, fried also!) didn’t impress me that much. It is fried dough filled with daal (lentils).

Kachori filled with dal on the streets of Delhi.

Aloo paratha (thali)

First let’s explain what is a thali. It is simply a plate consisting of different stuff. On the one below we have: Aloo paratha (bread filled with potato mixture and baked on oil/butter). I have one recipe for parathas on this blog but I think I can’t compete. Raita (the white yogurt sauce - helps you cool down after the spiciness). Chana masala (spicy chickpeas). Potatoes + cauliflower in a sauce (not sure how this is called). Onion, pickles, chilli sauce. This was an amazing combo.

Aloo paratha thali.

Aloo tikka

Potato patties (fried) and served with sweet sauce, herbs and onion. I love this one!

Aloo tikka in Paharganj.
Aloo tikka patties.
Aloo tikka served with sweet sauce and herbs.


Fried dough filled with potatoes, lentils, peas, onions … Really famous! And delicious when you dip it into sweet and spicy sauce.

Freshly fried samosas in Delhi.
Samosa guy on the street of Paharganj,


Pakora are fritters. Usually it is chickpeas flour mixture that coats veggies, paneer (soft cottage cheese) etc.

Delicious crunchy pakora  in Delhi.
Pakora stall in Paharganj.


Filled dumplings originating in Tibet.

Sweet corner


Fried dough tossed in sugar syrup.

A big pile of jalebi in Delhi.
How is jalebi made.

Gulab jamun

Fried dough tossed in sugar syrup. But different than jalebi. I would say this one is much tastier.

Gualab jamun in syrup.

What I forgot

South Indian food

Dosas (rice flour pancakes) and idli (fermented small rice-cakes) served with sambar (spicy sauce) are a much healthier option for a meal. And sooo delicious!



And probably much more :)

Street food stall in Paharganj.
Street food stall in Paharganj.
Delicious healthy banana bread

Baby, this one is a keeper

On my mission to reduce food waste, I used some over-ripped bananas that were laying around and made this scrumptious & good for ya belly Banana Bread