February 3, 2020

I am afraid a lot of times. When I look at this world and see it filled with bad things. When people tell me stories about what have their life put them through.

I am afraid when I look at my future. It seems so unpredictable - like the life I am creating.

Sometimes I am afraid of the dark. The one inside me as well as the one outside me.

It happens that I am afraid of the departure. Because I have no idea what to expect - what is waiting for me across the ocean - and what I can expect when I come back.

I am afraid of wearing my emotions on my sleeve because it makes me vulnerable. But at the same time I feel it is absolutely necessary. It is only like this I can help spread the information that we are all just humans.

Fear for all of the above comes from the hole only on rare occasions. Yes, it is very loud when it comes over. But luckily I don’t invite it over for a tee that often.

When it comes I suggest to it that we calm down. Take a breath, feel the body. Maybe have a quick meditation.

“The world is spinning and spinning. And all we have is this moment:” is the mantra that is echoing during our tea party.

The inspiration for this post came from my time in Slovenia. I hade a few travelogues and other occasions where I was able to share my story. And quite some people came to me at the end and said something similar to: “Wow, you are not afraid at all!”

Oh, I am. But as my grandma used to say (literaly translated from a Slovenian saying): the fear is hollow, and there is none on the outside.

Let’s try to work on our fears and overcome them. Because who knows what is on the other side …

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