October 15, 2018

Currently living in Ljubljana and working in Kucha.

My name is Klara and my spirit animal is squirrel. Stains of flour and tomato sauce on my clothes at the end of a cooking day make me happy. I like to put on my backpack – which barely holds together because it has been on a lot of travels with me (+45 countries). Road always calls me back.

I get excited about the big cities and how big a visit to grandma can be. Long talks that make you forget about time excite me too. I try to put my training shoes on and do a good training as often as I can. In nature I feel home. When I take photos my creativeness becomes alive. Dancing and ukulele playing relax me. Klemen is my love. I have Master’s degree in psychology.

I have been in kitchen ♥ since I was little. Food is a very important part of my every day. I strive towards healthy, local food. Prepared by Slovenian or foreign recipes. I like modesty but also abundance. I like vegetable smoothies but I go crazy (with joy) when I can spend whole day baking cupcakes and cake for special occasions. I doubt I will ever put a label on my way of eating. I stopped eating meat in spring 2017. I eat mostly plant-based diet but sometimes cheese finds its way in my life. On occasions, I will want to write something that is not directly connected with food. Those posts can be found in writings.

I have a relationship with food. A strong one too. It is rooted in my childhood in my perception of world and in many other aspects. So I try to maintain a good one. A healthy one. Because I catch myself sometimes thinking about food way too much. But hey! Maybe that is the reason why I have started working in professional kitchen and just as I am writing this I am employed as a head of kitchen in the coolest place Slovenia has to offer.

My point: I search for ways of how to eat healthy in this fast world. I read articles, I cook, I do research, I ask around, I make conversations. I’m far from knowing it all but I want to share parts of deliciousness and ideas with you. I am someone who believes in balance and that a lot of well-being comes from where? Yes, from a tummy.




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Baby, this one is a keeper

On my mission to reduce food waste, I used some over-ripped bananas that were laying around and made this scrumptious & good for ya belly Banana Bread