October 15, 2018

Current mission: Travel India


It goes like this: An idea pops in my head and I follow it.

My name is Klara and I come from Slovenia. My life is a stream of events that seem interesting to me and I follow them. I wanted to be a food blogger.

But c’mon - I knew life is so much more than that.

I needed to balance my 247 cooking life with adventures. So this blog has a wide niche. It is a niche of my life.

Otherwise - I am 27, have master’s degree in psychology, in love with Klemen, I like to chase people and sheeps around to take photos of them and I adore pizza. Also I am sad a lot of times because my lifestyle doesn’t allow me to have a pet pig and tiny house (yet?).


I have been in kitchen since I was little. Food is a very important part of my every day. I strive towards healthy, local food. Prepared by Slovenian or foreign recipes. I like modesty but also abundance. I like vegetable smoothies but I go crazy (with joy) when I can spend whole day baking cupcakes and cake for special occasions. I doubt I will ever put a label on my way of eating. I stopped eating meat in spring 2017. I eat mostly plant-based diet but sometimes cheese finds its way in my life.

I have a relationship with food. A strong one too. It is rooted in my childhood in my perception of world and in many other aspects. So I try to maintain a good one. A healthy one. Because I catch myself sometimes thinking about food way too much. But hey! Maybe that is the reason why I have started working in a professional kitchen and before I left to India worked in the coolest restaurant Slovenia has to offer - Kucha.


I like stories. Your stories, his stories, my stories. Either they are told on a local territory or somewhere else in the world. I connect them with traveling too! I have been in more that 45 countries. Traveling is where I fill my heart and even though idea of a base, tiny house and a garden seems nice … I always need to go.

Curryandlove is therefore becoming much richer with stories, experiences, adventures. Not just recipes. Check them out in the writings section.


For me simplistic life = being frugal, own less, buy less, be aware, make little trash, being grateful and make mistakes.

I am simple. I like to live frugal. Spend on what I ADORE rather than just spend on stuff “I am suppose” to have/do.

I cannot say I am a minimalist or a zerowaste person but they are definitely two philosophies I live by as much as I can.

It is my value and it plays a big role in creating a life that I want.




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Baby, this one is a keeper

On my mission to reduce food waste, I used some over-ripped bananas that were laying around and made this scrumptious & good for ya belly Banana Bread